Weary Love



Once again you saved me, pulled me back to reality
The heavy presence of your peace eclipses all the heartache
Steers me away; I'm safe

I guess I'm just scared of opening up
That you'll take aim and fire a shot
At this feeble heart thats turned so cold
Be careful with my weary love you came and stole

I cut the ropes that tie me to this strange affinity
I'm jumping ship before its sailed incase that I go under
And lose her; its just a risk I can't take

Its in your face from just the way you look at me
It pains for you to see how hard it is to put my mind at ease
Come talk to me, I long for your heed




The Blessed Curse


The blessing lay in the dirt
Hidden by the curse of crashing back down into the earth
You'll never know just how long the fall was
Into the arms of the angles trying to stop me

From spinning down the spiral to get sucked into the cycle
And be swallowed by fear and forced to hold the veneer again

With a holy collide favour fell from the sky
And all the commotion was frozen in the moment
The broken lonely cry fell away to the roar of heavens might
As the power of salvation thundered through the night

It turned so cold that the snow shivered
As the sorrow left me there so hollow of hope
And for a moment in time the vision drained from my eyes
As the pain crystallised my heart withered and writhed
As the sign of a saviour seemed to fade as I faltered
Surrounded by thoughts so hauntingly helpless
And all grounds of belief were swept from under my feet once again

Oh so easily did the crowding of questions break down my defences
I silently wrestled for peace
As I stood so close that I could see
The shadows as they beckoned and they threatened to drag me underneath

But I'll embrace the heartache and proclaim
That I'll remain a guardian of grace




Love Me Patiently

Throw a blanket on my youth
Love; it stumbles into view
But I’m so afraid of showing you these fears of mine I didn’t choose
Well maybe love can cut me loose

Stay with me; the trembles they will pass in time just love me patiently
My demons will despair; they will retreat
Steady me; hold me close and keep me in the gravity of peace
Anchor me to your reality

A civil war of head and heart
I’m tired of running far from heart
But I’m still a mess, hell I’m still scarred
I’m still so crippled by the past
Will you still love the broken parts?

Pain begins to fade and worry starts to fray
I turn to fix my gaze upon the march of grace
Darkness drifts away as beauty shows her face
No longer so afraid I’ll dare to love again


Safe In My arms


Don't you speak another word
Don't just go from what you've heard
Just dig a little deeper now
And find the strength to trust somehow

What you feel not what you know
Not the tales that you've been told
Just cast your fears aside and take control

Don't you waste another breath
About the demons in your head
Voice of worry; shy away
Its okay to be afraid

Of the monsters standing in your way
The terrors written on your face
Just take a stand and finally make the change

Take my hand, trust in me
Let it grow and let it be
You're safe in my arms
You're safe in my arms

Show me your scars, I'll show you mine
Take heart my dear; they'll heal in time
I mean you no harm, you're safe in my arms

But you're uneasy, you're holding far too tightly
Won't let your world collide with mine that waits for yours